General Manager, Metro Ford

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The Cardone Group

May 1, 2009

Mr. Scott Morgan, President
The Cardone Group
4241 North John Young Pkwy. #1500
Orlando, Florida 32804

Dear Scott:
We just completed our quarterly Cardone training and I wanted to personally thank you and your staff for assigning Brent Abdulla back to our account. He brings a level of energy and motivation that no other Cardone trainer has been able to match.

I appreciate that Brent is proactive and works with Steve Gardner and our Senior Management to develop the training curriculum well in advance. He understands the goals of our organization and tailors his training to meet the specific needs of our dealerships, management teams, and salespeople. He is organized, thorough and concise.

Brent’s follow up also makes a difference. Since he has gotten to know our Management team through the years, he has no problem sending emails to continue to push us, picking up the phone and mystery shopping us or asking how it’s going. Our managers respect him and listen to his ideas. Brent always has fresh suggestions that are easy to implement and get quick, effective results.

Most important, Brent is a great trainer. While all of the Cardone trainers who have worked with our organization bring different strengths, Brent is the only trainer who consistently receives outstanding praise and feedback each and every time he is here. He motivates us, he holds us accountable, and just simply gets us. We love his positive outlook, even in these tough economic times in our business.

Thanks again for allowing Brent to work with Tonkin.

Laura m. Coon
HR Director

P.S. One a personal note, one of the benefits of Cardone that we didn’t expect has been it’s positive effect on compliance. We have seen literally NO customer litigation regarding car deals or the sales process since implementing ePencil and Cardone. Having a consistent sales process with everything fully disclosed has made my Risk Management job much easier.

The Cardone Group


January of 2009 was supposed to be tough but, with my first month under my belt I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have the Information Based Selling process in place. The professionalism that your training brings to the business is a breath of fresh air. In these tough economic times maximizing your opportunities has never been more vital. Your product and services have delivered unprecedented yield to our bottom line. Thanks to your e-pencil, process training and vision we were able to achieve 162% of our Toyota objective and rank # 1 in Scion sales in the Cincinnati region. This extraordinary achievement catapulted us into first place among all Toyota dealerships operated by publicly traded companies in the United States as a percentage of objectives. Wolfchase Toyota outsold all the Nissan dealers in the Memphis metro combined for the month of January. We also recaptured the number one dealership in Memphis honors. These are not easy accomplishments irrespective of what manufacturer you represent in today’s economic times. The difference is simple! Pick business partners that understand retail. Your company just plain gets it!!!  Thanks for your continued support and efforts.

-Tim Roussell
General Manager, Wolfchase Toyota

The Cardone Group

Used Car Manager, DCH

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The Cardone Group

We have been an ePencil client for more than four years.  In 2007 we finished 25th in the country in new vehicle sales among all Dodge Chrysler Jeep Dealers, and in the top ten in profit.  This can be directly attributed to ePencil and the Cardone Selling Process.

ePencil is not a Magic Quick Fix Formula!  Rather a long term sustainable selling system.  Our used car gross profit is the highest in our 20 Group and our new vehicle gross profit is up over $1000.00 per copy since installing ePencil. 

We just renewed and re-launched in September 2008 right after Labor Day. That month we delivered 188 vehicles with an average front gross profit over $2200.00 per copy and F&I over $1300 per copy, for a total gross of over $3500.00 per copy including everything.

Whether you are a salesperson, a sales manager or the Dealer… ePencil and the people at Cardone will help you to become more successful! 

I wouldn’t think of owning a store without ePencil and Cardone in it.

-Conrad Letson
Greenway Dodge Chrysler Jeep

The Cardone Group

“The Cardone process is customer friendly and makes you serious money. Five steps is all you need.  It’s helped me achieve record production in my organization. Cardone has given me everything from success to money and all in between. The process works, if you commit I’m committed.” 

-Chris Baier
Avondale Automotive

The Cardone Group

“Dramatically increased gross profit while enhancing creditability.”

-Tom Harte
Vice President, Harte Automotive

The Cardone Group

“We used to fish with bait and now we fish with dynamite! Our people are confident now that they do not have to tap dance anymore.”

-Mark Johnson
General Manager, Holmes Honda

The Cardone Group

“Information Based Selling has provided our customers and our sales staff with a non-confrontational selling/buying process.”

-Joe Suresky
Dealer, R.I. Suresky CJD Hyundai

The Cardone Group

“The Cardone E Pencil process has done wonders for our organization. It is completely 21st Century selling giving the customer an easy and exciting experience. It also gives our sales professionals confidence in dealing with customers because all the information is up front which in return gives the customer true piece of mind.”

-Mark Loeppky
President/CEO, Ffun Motor Group

The Cardone Group

"First class, took in a lot of unbelievable information thank you very much, I think The Cardone process will help me become a GREAT salesman"

-Darren Stover
Quirk Jeep

The Cardone Group

"Sold 5-10 more cars per month, more gross, more tools to use. Great Job"

-Wayne Welch,
Quirk Cadillac

The Cardone Group

"Used a NEW close, gained NEW customer."

-Brian Oliver,
Quirk Auto Park,

The Cardone Group

"Sold a truck to a gentleman who just loved the way we go through the process, talked to him about defenses of customers after the deal, he said he was ready for conflict, but I took it right away and took him out of his game plan. Sold him a vehicle, he will be a repeat customer."

-Scott Pelletier
Quirk Chevy.

The Cardone Group

"Raised gross $500.00 per copy since last class"

-Spencer Grinnell
Quirk Chevy

The Cardone Group


On November 3rd, our dealership broke an all time yearly record for sales and gross. At the end of the day on the third we had sold 1200 vehicles for the year. Our previous yearly record was 1101 vehicles in 2000. Since we started using your process, we have broken seven monthly sales record as well as breaking the yearly one (with nearly two full months to go). 240 more vehicles by years end will put us at 1440 (120 per month). This is a full 20% increase over last year, and last year was our best year ever.

Needless to say, your process was a perfect fit for our store "personality" and mindset. We no longer have to operate in a process that forces us to act in a manner that is counterintuitive to us. Work has become completely enjoyable and all things seem possible again. For this I would simply like to say thanks. I am very happy that you chose to create the process, and that I chose to send my people to your seminar. Keep Up The Good Work!

-Micah Daniels
JD Honda Decatur

The Cardone Group