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The Challenge to Change

Presented by: Grant Cardone
Format: Three Hour Breakfast Meeting

To introduce upper management to the following:

- Intense pressure to change
- Buyers dislikes about the process
- Myths of the traditional dealership
- Internal customers and the sales process
- The voice of traditional dealership
- Productivity through activity
- Identifying what doesn’t work
- How to create lasting change

Result: Achieve management buy-in, Provide a proactive approach to today’s changing industry, Clearly define the benefits and goals of the program, Provide a clear definition of management’s role, Create a long term vision for the future and Provide management with the tools & processes to effect immediate change.

The Cardone Group

Information Based Selling

Presented by: Grant Cardone
Format: One Day Workshop
Focus: Initiate selling techniques, and unique consumer friendly language that will distance them from the competition, and immediately increase sales and profits.
Result: Create awareness of how today’s buyers want to be sold, Empower sales staff to interact with the consumer on sensitive issues (book, rate, price, etc.), Create a better experience for sales staff and buyers, Achieve middle management and sales staff buy-in.

The Cardone Group

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