One Year Private In-House Training
Customized for your Dealership

With Information Based Selling as the new standard for your customer’s retail experience, we will provide six workshops AT YOUR DEALERSHIP that will ensure that your staff has mastered every element of the sales process. The end result? Every negotiation will be fast, simple, friendly and fair…and more profitable!

Format: 14 Days (4 Day Launch + 2 Days Every 60 Days For One Year)
The Cardone Group
The Cardone Group

Two identical one-day workshops (on consecutive weekdays) every 60 days. This format allows
one-half of your sales and management staff to attend each day. These workshops will be held in a highly interactive classroom setting.

At the conclusion of each day’s workshop, we’ll roll up our sleeves and go to work with your staff! You tell us where you want us to focus and we’ll dig in—deal structuring, TO’s, follow up, calling unsold showroom traffic. We’ll walk the walk with your staff on every deal, or every phone call.

Through ACTIVE role-playing, your staff will learn:
The Cardone Group
The Cardone Group > Information-based Selling
> Point of Contact
> 100% Write Up
The Cardone Group
The Cardone Group > Full Disclosure Negotiations
> Internet Lead Management/Phone Power
> The Close/Delivery Experience
The Cardone Group
The Cardone Group As a follow up to each of these workshops, each attendee will be provided with an audio CD,
work book and access to our online certification process that will ensure full implementation of the training through continuous education and measurement of performance.
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2995.00* Per Month

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*Participating dealers will be responsible for all expenses: Airfare, hotel, shipping, ground transportation and meals. Airfare booked 21 days in advance (coach). Hotel and meeting accommodations provided and paid for by dealer. Ground transportation provided by or reimbursed by dealer. Meals not to exceed $35.00 per day reimbursed by dealer. Workbooks / Audio Workbooks are mandatory at $29.00 per attendee. All expenses must be paid by dealer prior to completion of training.

The Cardone Group