Cardone Institute 4-Day Management Boot Camp


Four Days in Orlando That Will Transform Your Career!

Institute Dates:

• April 7th - 10th, 2015

• July 13th - 16th, 2015

• October 5th - 8th, 2015


Tackle TODAY’S Management Challenges:

• Increase Market Share in a Contracting Market

• Increase Sales and Profits in a “Down Economy”

• Maximize Results from Limited Showroom Traffic

• Turn Excessive Negative Equity into Deals (and not Mini-Deals)

• Increase Profit Despite Restrictive Lender Guidelines

• Stop Selling Scared

• Create a Success Environment that Stops High Turnover

Cardone InstituteManagers Will Learn:

• 5 Key Elements for Structuring Deals for Profit in Today’s Economy

• 100% Write Up (no excuses) Through Step Two Appraisal

• Negotiating Negative Equity for Profit

• Making Profit on Deals that Banks Will Buy

• Information-Based Selling and Full Disclosure Negotiations

• Negotiating with the Buyer’s Money Not Your Profits

• Proactive Leadership vs. Reactive Management

• Simple, Easy In-Store Sales Training Agendas

Managers Will Receive:

• Leading Practice Library

• Manager’s Course Workbook

• Coach Pad

• Grant’s Book: “If You're Not First, then You're Last”


Cardone InstituteThe Cardone Institute is a 4-Day Boot Camp Taught by The Cardone Group’s National Director of Training, Steve Gardner. Steve will teach you how to:

• Make Your Advertising Match Your Sales and Negotiation Process

• Turn Your Sales Process into a Marketable Asset

• Double Your Write-Ups by Offering Buyers Information Up Front

• Shorten Negotiation Time by Building a Unique Profile for Every Buyer

• Provide Every Buyer with Full Disclosure Purchase Information

• Teach Closing Skills that YOU can Replicate—Build an Army of Trained Closers!

• Build Exit Packages that Bring Shoppers Back to Buy From YOU


“I just want to thank Steve Gardner and the group at Cardone for the training that I went through in Orlando. What a difference a week makes to develop a great attitude. After the training, I went back to my dealership and had a totally different attitude towards my work. I was able to sit there and focus on my priorities. The three deals that I desked were no discounts and the F&I managers were happy.”

“On the first three deals we made 15 thousand dollars in gross. You cannot beat that. I understand that all deals will not be as great, but there is always hope with the right attitude. Now that my attitude has changed, the other Sales Managers and Salespeople have changed somewhat because of the environment around them. All I can do is say thanks.”

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