Unlike most traditional agencies we focus on four key elements. Beginning with constructing a buyer profile of your current customers, we then identify your conquest opportunities, while increasing market share and brand message. We give you customized market research upfront. This market research is pulled directly from targeted zip codes within your PMA. The research is then placed into a media book along with an annual media proposal, annual budgets, and calendars and is then housed inside your Cardone Office Suite.

Hundreds of campaigns and hundreds of offers make it possible to create the most incredible break through strategies that will bring your brand to life! With the power of Cardone On-Demand Advertising you are not limited to a budget that allows you to produce only one spot and hope that it communicates to everyone. Now you can produce countless targeted spots, one for every station you’re on, with just the right offer to hit the right audience. Why produce one spot when you can produce multiple spots at no additional charge. Cardone On-Demand Advertising is virtually unlimited creative at the click of a button. Save time. Save money! Join the future of advertising or watch it pass you by.

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